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Sequel was originally established to help the nonprofit A Caring Place provide meals to their participants during the 2020 Pandemic. As time went on Grace and Sharon realized they had a greater dream of creating a radically inclusive space that provided baking and catering needs to their community. This mission continues to grow and as they fall more in love with this business.
As they continue to explore the possibilities of Sequel, keep an eye out for new adventures! 


Co - Owner & Cake Maker/Creative Coordinator 

Grace Asbury 

Grace’s love for the kitchen started at a young age as she helped grandparents, siblings and her momma with creating meals for those they loved. She has translated this love into Sequel by working to curate a custom experience for each of her clients whether it be a dozen cookies or full scale catering. Her goal is to always create a loving, unique and radically inclusive interaction for each person that reaches out to our team. 

Co - Owner & Recipe Creator

Sharon Asbury 

Sharon’s love for people breathes new life into the food she creates. Each new recipe speaks to her talent in the kitchen and her ability to engage your senses! She is truly magic in the kitchen, and an crucial part of our team. She put a pause on her retirement to help Grace create the business of her dreams and without her none of it would be possible! 


Meet the Team 

Every Small Business Knows Your Team is Who allow You to Continue What you Love! So Please Take a Moment to Meet Ours! 

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Vic (She/He/They)
Jack of All Trades / Dough Aficionado 

Tech Wizard

Beck (She/Her)
Connection Coordinator / Kitchen Trainee 

DVic’s ability to pick up any element of day to day business has saved us on more than one occasion! Their skill set ranges from making doughs to handyman tasks to catering events. In and Out of the Kitchen her bubbly personality is infectious, creating a loving environment for friends, family and her two birds! On top of helping in the kitchen part time, she does construction and personal training! 

Thank you, Vic

for everything you do for us!

Ian brings an edge to the behind the scenes work that has been much needed. Their ability to handle all our technical design and infrastructure has been indispensable as we build Sequel. Outside of their work with us they are running the day to day life of their household, doting on their two cats and creating a community of people through their extraordinary personality! 


Thank you, Ian

for everything you do for us! 


Beck’s intrapersonal skills and willingness to learn all aspects of the business provides Sequel with a unique and engaging perspective. Her love for people creates a compassionate environment in and out of the kitchen, when she isn’t working with us she works in the foster care system, takes care of her family and enjoys time with friends! 

Thank you, Beck 

for everything you do for us! 

Greg & Sharon 
AKA Kitchen Dad &Mom 
Special Shout-out to Dad who will always be our best dishwasher, car loader and emotional support system!

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